Baking with Electric Ovens Vs. Gas Ovens

Gas or Electric?
Through the years I have baked and cooked in and on many levels of stoves, ovens and ranges.  From gas to electric,  professional and resisential  models, old and new.  My personal preference is definitely gas for a cook top (much easier to control) but an electric oven  bakes more evenly and with more accuracy.    In my home kitchen, I have a Wolf range, which I call my “Porsche” for my kitchen. Flashy Red knobs and all.  Every time I walk by it, it makes me smile.  It is a gas top with an electric oven. Of course it has all the functions in the oven, convection setting, stone setting, meat probe, and even a dehydration function (which I have never used).  I love every moment I spend with this appliance
After reading , numerous reviews, talking with both home bakers and professional bakers, most would choose  electric over gas if available.  However, most restaurants and many large bakeries cook with professional ovens that are fueled by gas because it is more economical.  You also have to consider that the quality of these professional gas ovens are far superior and much more accurate than any range sold for residential use.  They are also quite costly!  Therefore we cannot really compare these appliances to those available to us for our residences.
So why is the best choice for ovens, electric?  Residential gas ovens tend to have hot spots, so if you are baking cookies, brownies ,cakes or other baked items you may notice that your creations may have areas that  get a little browner than others. A burnt cookie, an unevenly baked cake, etc.   The pans really need to be rotated for a more even bake when using a gas oven. I really don’t  like to have to be so attentive. I want to set the timer and walk away.  The other thing that really bothers me is the amount of moisture that is retained in a gas oven causing my  cookies to come out cooked,  but pale on the outside, no yummy crispy edges and not so golden brown.  They tasted ok but not so pretty.   We all want our food not only to taste good but to have great visual appeal.  So spend the extra dollars  and get that duel-fuel  gas range.  Well worth it, if you love to bake
Let me know your opinion!!!
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